How To Get The Lean, StrongToned Body You've Always Wanted Without Cutting Out The Foods You Love
Let's face it...

While we want to be "healthy" most of us really start focusing on our diet because we want to look better. 

We want to feel comfortable in a bikini for the summer or feel amazing rocking that sexy little black dress.

We want our friends to take notice and ask us what the heck we've been doing!

But where do we start? 

I can tell you one thing...It isn't where most of us try to start!

As a trainer who has had hundreds of thousands of clients around the world go through my programs at my gym and online, I get asked all the time about things like meal timing, and supplements, and micronutrients and this and that latest trend...

I understand we all want that quick fix, but somehow instead end up OVERCOMPLICATING THINGS!

I'm not promoting some "shortcut" or a "secret" to getting "six-pack abs instantly!"

Please! HA!
if you're looking for a magic pill, no point in reading further. Click back now.

But if you're sick and tired of not feeling and looking the way you want?

Well, there IS a way you can make a SUSTAINABLE and TRUE change...

And it's not a magic crash diet that will have you losing 15 pounds in a week...sorry to break it to you.

The REAL answer is actually very simple...

Note I did NOT say easy.

Nothing good and worthwhile is ever easy to start.

But if you're willing to put in the work, it will be worth it to FINALLY take control and get the results you've always wanted...
Hi there! Cori, owner of Redefining Strength, here! 

I want to share the system to get killer results without cutting out the foods you love.

The Diet Industry Has Been Lying To You...

I see so many diets out there claiming to have the EASY and FAST solution to weight loss.

They tell you that you can eat intuitively and still see the changes you want to see.

Well guess what?

It's not that simple.

They only tell you that to get you to BUY the program. They don't really care if it works for you.
Because the simple fact is...If we knew HOW to eat intuitively?

The dieting industry wouldn't exist.

Obesity wouldn't be on the rise. 

All of us would be the ideal weight for our health and we'd know how to fuel our performance goals, even as our needs changed over time.

We wouldn't eat because we're tired. Or stressed after a long week. Or simply because ice cream tastes delicious....

So these plans that say we can eat "intuitively?" They want to make it sound soooo simple you can't resist wasting your money. 

They don't really care if you LEARN how to get results and understand the basics of proper nutrition. 

The thing is...I DO care. I don't want clients who are going to start working with me then not follow through. I don't want to waste my time or theirs.

I want clients like YOU who are ready to make a change and truly understand how to get results.

I want clients like you willing to commit the time and energy it will take to understand how protein, carbs, fats and calories all impact the results you get.

I want clients who are willing to LEARN how to eat correctly to make the lifestyle change.

Because the simple fact is, most of us don't truly understand what we actually need to change to get results. 

We aren't aware of how much protein, carbs or fat, or even for that matter how many calories, we are actually consuming.

We aren't following a step-by-step guide laid out for us on how to make the changes we need.

It's why you may even feel like you're eating all of the right foods - lots of fruits and veggies and whole, natural foods - yet you're NOT seeing the results you want from your diet.

And on top of that, we keep repeating same frustrating cycle because nothing is MAINTAINABLE. 

Let's face it...most of the socializing we do? 

It centers around FOOD. And even drinks.

And we shouldn't have to completely overhaul our lifestyle to get results.

There can and SHOULD be a balance between dialing in our nutrition according to our goals and creating a healthier version of the LIFESTYLE WE ENJOY NOW.

So how can you FINALLY start seeing the results you want regardless of your age?

Correcting Your Nutritional Foundation

When I made my pyramid of nutritional priorities I put MACROS at the bottom of it. This tends to piss people off as they believe that CALORIES should be at the bottom.

Why do I believe that macros really deserve our attention as our foundation over calories?

Simply because if you dial in your macros, your calories will fall in line AND they do so in a way that better fuels your needs.

Also, without thinking about RESTRICTING yourself, you often make...well...better food choices so you can hit those macros!

By focusing on MACROS (aka how much protein, carbs and fat we consume) so much else in our diet falls into place.

Not to mention we get a better understanding of what truly fuels us.

And as much as we all want those instant results and quick fix, we need to understand WHAT and WHY something truly works so we can even ADJUST IT over time as our needs and goals change.

This not only leads to BETTER RESULTS, but LASTING results.

And it can help us get results even as we get OLDER. 

Because not only does our metabolic rate change, but so do our hormones. And AGE impacts our nutritional needs.

Plus, at some point, simply focusing on calories in vs. calories out doesn't work. 

So why start something that, in the end, you'll need to change?

Why set yourself up to hit a frustrating plateau and feel hungry?

At some point, when you stall, you can't just cut calories lower or workout harder...this only often leads to a horrible cycle of yo-yo dieting and fights against you in the long run. 

Plus, if you really want to change your body composition, there is no way around it...MACROS MATTER!

By focusing on macros so many other pieces of the dieting puzzle will fall into place with a balance that is more sustainable.

There are no arbitrary clean or unclean foods. No foods specifically off limits.

It's just a way for you to dial in YOUR LIFESTYLE to get the results you want.

So if you're sick and tired of being...well...sick and tired, it's time to learn HOW to eat according to your goals with a plan that gives you the step-by-step process to create the changes YOU need!

If you're ready to get the lean, strong, defined body you've always wanted REGARDLESS of your age, then it's time you joined my Macro Hacks Program!

What's Included with the Macro Hacks Program?

Get Life-Changing Results That Last!
All of this can feel a bit overwhelming, right?

What to eat? How much to eat? When to eat? How to eat? Are carbs good or bad?

That's why I created The Macro Hacks guide to help you eat according to YOUR goals and feel in control of your nutrition.

I wanted to create a program that could adapt to your ever-changing needs as your goals change over time!

Because we need to eat differently based on our goals, whether we're just starting our weight loss journey, want to achieve flat, lean abs, gain muscle, train for a marathon, stay on track around our period, or even stay healthy and fit as we get older!
The Macro Hacks program provides you with the tools to adjust your nutrition as your goals change and you achieve the lean, strong body you've always wanted.

And beyond just telling you how to achieve those results, the Macro Hacks guide will teach you how to MAINTAIN those results so you can finally get off that dieting roller coaster!

In The Macro Hacks guide you'll find plans for:

- Beginners
- Weight Loss
- Fat Loss/Achieving A Flat Stomach
- Gaining Muscle
- Training For An Endurance Sport
- Managing Hormones
- Eating According To Our Age
- Maintaining Results

Everything is tailored to YOUR GOALS - from weight loss to gaining muscle to training for endurance sport to dieting for your hormones - are 4-9 week plans. 

These plans tell you how many calories you need as well as how much protein, carbs and fat to consume. 

For each ratio, you'll also get done for you sample days and recipes to help you get started - whether you're gluten-free, dairy-free, Vegan, Vegetarian or follow a traditional way of eating!

And while I tell you exactly what to do, and take all of the guesswork out of it, I also teach you WHY you should be doing certain things so you can understand how to make the plan fit your needs. 

Because the more empowered and knowledgable we are about those nutritional basics, the more we can make sure we get the lasting results we've always wanted.

Stop the consistent yo-yo dieting with those cookie cutter programs that don't actually help you take control!

Along with the sample meal plans, recipes and macro ratios for each goal, you'll also find some amazing charts to help you learn about portion sizes, breakdown macros and even adjust your nutrition if you do have certain basic food sensitivities. 

The Macro Hacks Includes...
  •  Lifetime Access To The Macro Hacks Digital Program
  • ​Macro Hacks Digital Program Access (Kindle, Apple Books and in PDF format)
  • ​​Eating Out Macro-Friendly Swaps Guide
  • ​​Macro Snacks To Satisfy Your Cravings Guide
  • ​​Supplements Cheat Sheet
  • ​200+ Macro Friendly Recipes
  • ​Macro Meal Plans and Sample Days
Choose The Macro Hacks Plus+ Option and Work With A Coach!
The main reason why people don't see the results they're looking for is because they quit. With the Macro Hacks Plus+ option you not only get all of the materials included with the Macro Hacks but you'll also work closely with a coach to make sure you're implementing everything correctly. This makes sure you won't quit or give up on yourself.

To create long-lasting sustainable results you need to truly understand the WHY behind things – by learning what you need to get results you'll understand those fundamental building blocks for success. The Macro Hacks Plus+ option includes everything that comes with the Macro Hacks plus some extra tools to set you up for success.

Macro Hacks Plus+ Also Includes...
6 Weeks of Coaching
Your coach is just a message away. 

Whether you need help knowing where to start, how to hit your ratios or even how to adjust an exercise, you'll have a coach there to assist.

Just message us! And don't be shy!
A 6 Week Workout Plan:
Not only will you get all of the materials included with the Macro Hacks program but you'll also get a 6 week workout plan tailored to your goals.
Custom Macro Ratios:
Your coach will assign your custom macros based on your goals and your lifestyle.

The Maco Hacks Plus+ Option takes the guesswork out of choosing your own Macro Ratios.
Private Coaching App:
In our private app you'll have access to all of the tools you need to succeed, including not only your workouts and macros, but also premium features like a food journal, habit tracking, and an integration with myfitnesspal to make everything a breeze.

Macro Hacks Plus+ Forum:
The private in-app forum is not only a great place to connect with fellow Macro Hackers but it's a great place to exchange ideas and get even more delicious recipes and tips!
Registered Dietitian Access :
Working with a registered dietitian can cost over $500/mo. When you sign up for the Macro Hacks Plus+ program you'll have access to bi-monthly group video calls with my registered dietitian.
Choose Your Package Below
The Basic Macro Hacks Package
  • ​​ Lifetime Access To The Macro Hacks Program
  • ​​Macro Hacks Digital Program Access (Kindle, Apple Books and in PDF format)
  • ​​​Eating Out Macro-Friendly Swaps Guide
  • ​ ​​Macro Snacks To Satisfy Your Cravings Guide
  • ​​​Supplements Cheat Sheet 
  • ​200+ Macro Friendly Recipes 
  • ​Macro Meal Plans and Sample Days
  • ​6 Weeks of Coaching
  • ​6-Week Workout Plan
  • ​Custom Macro Ratios
  • ​Private Coaching App
  • ​Macro Hacks Plus+ Forum
  • ​Registered Dietitian Group Calls
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Macro Hacks Plus+
  • ​​ Lifetime Access To The Macro Hacks Program
  • ​​Macro Hacks Digital Program Access (Kindle, Apple Books and in PDF format)
  • ​​​Eating Out Macro-Friendly Swaps Guide
  • ​ ​​Macro Snacks To Satisfy Your Cravings Guide
  • ​​​Supplements Cheat Sheet 
  • ​200+ Macro Friendly Recipes 
  • ​Macro Meal Plans and Sample Days
  • ​6 Weeks of Coaching
  • ​6-Week Workout Plan
  • ​Custom Macro Ratios
  • ​Private Coaching App
  • ​Macro Hacks Plus+ Forum
  • ​Registered Dietitian Group Calls
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Hard Work, Amazing Results
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