It's Time To Take Control Of Your Nutrition And Get The Lean, Strong Body You've Always Wanted
We start a new diet.

We're told to cut out that salty snack or sweet treat we love the most.

And guess what?

We start losing weight.

But then all we can think about is that food we really love -  that dessert we used to have. That salty snack we munched on at our desk.

But dieting means sacrifice, right? We just have to ignore the cravings.

But then Friday arrives and we're exhausted and faced with a party, happy hour, or dinner out with friends...

We tell ourselves we will stick to our plan...

But then that oh so tempting warm bread or chips arrive at our table.

We think, "I'll have just one..."

But with that "one" the flood gates open and one becomes drinks and fries and dessert. 

All of the sudden our diet has completely disappeared. 

Until Monday rolls around again...

And then we feel like we're searching for a new answer, and starting all over again.

But what if we could FINALLY stop this annoying cycle....?
Hey there! Cori, owner of Redefining Strength here!

I'm going to share with you my Macro Hacks to help you achieve the lean, strong body you've always wanted and eat according to your goals without feeling like a weekend out completely derails you!
Macro Hacks - Taking Control Of Your Nutrition
Whether you have a busy social life, very little time to cook, picky little eaters to make meals for, or even simply a weakness for ice cream, sticking to a diet which requires you to cut out specific foods can be...well...tricky if not impossible to stick to long term.

It leads to a night out or stressful week completely derailing all of your hard work.

It leads to a dieting roller coaster - one we just can't wait to get off of!
The question is...HOW?!

How can we take control of our diet and STOP unnecessarily cutting out the foods we ENJOY?

How can we STOP making ourselves feel guilty when we do indulge?

How can we FINALLY get the life-changing results we've always wanted!?

By learning how to crack that dieting code! And that's why I created my Macro Hacks program!

This is not just another cookie cutter program. 

It's a way to take CONTROL of your nutrition and eat according to your goals, whether you want to get in shape for that beach vacation, train for that marathon, build muscle or simply avoid the dreaded post-menopausal weight gain!

While we want our diet to become a LIFESTYLE, we also want to know how to adjust it and eat according to our goals as our needs and goals change.

Sometimes we want faster results to look extra fabulous for that big birthday. While other times we want to learn how to MAINTAIN our results!

With my Macro Hacks, you'll learn how to do both!

And the best part? 

Because you learn how to actually eat according to your goals, there are no arbitrary foods that are "OFF LIMITS!"

And if you're nervous or unsure of how to get started?

I've got you covered too with done for you starter meal plans and recipes as well as tips to make it easier to do it on your own!
What Will You Get With The Macro Hacks Program?
Get Life-Changing Results That Last!
All of this can feel a bit overwhelming, right?

What to eat? How much to eat? When to eat? How to eat? Are carbs good or bad?

That's why I created my Macro Hacks guide to help you eat according to YOUR goals and feel in control of your nutrition.

I wanted to create a program that could adapt to your ever changing needs as your goals change over time!

Because we need to eat differently based on our goals, whether we're just starting our weight loss journey, want to achieve flat, lean abs, gain muscle, train for a marathon, stay on track around our period, or even simply stay healthy and fit as we get older!
The Macro Hacks program provides you with the tools to adjust your nutrition as your goals change and you achieve the lean, strong body you've always wanted.

And beyond just telling you how to achieve those results, the Macro Hacks guide will teach you how to MAINTAIN those results so you can finally get off that dieting roller coaster!

In the Macro Hacks guide you'll find plans for:
- Beginners
- Weight Loss
- Fat Loss/Achieving A Flat Stomach
- Gaining Muscle
- Training For An Endurance Sport
- Managing Hormones
- Eating According To Our Age
- Maintaining Our Results

So where do you start?

Even when we want to create a "lifestyle," we need to start by setting an end date.

That end date holds us accountable and keeps us motivated.

That's why included for each goal - from weight loss to gaining muscle to training for endurance sport to dieting for your hormones - are 4-9 week plans. 

These plans tell you how many calories you need as well as how much protein, carbs and fat to consume. 

For each macronutrient ratio, you'll also get sample days and recipes to help you get started - whether you're gluten-free, dairy-free, Vegan, Vegetarian or follow a traditional way of eating!

And while I tell you exactly what to do, and take all of the guesswork out of it, I also teach you WHY you should be doing certain things so you can understand how to make the plan fit your needs. 

Because the more empowered and knowledgable we are about those nutritional basics, the more we can make sure we get the lasting results we've always wanted.

Stop the consistent yo-yo dieting with those cookie cutter programs that don't actually help you take control!

Along with the sample meal plans, recipes and macro ratios for each goal, you'll also find some amazing charts to help you learn about portion sizes, breakdown macros and even adjust your nutrition if you do have certain basic food sensitivities. 

You'll find all of this in your Macro Hacks Book as well as your online digital content, which includes BONUS tips and guides including:

 - An Eating Out Macro-Friendly Meal Swaps Guide - To help you eat according to your goals even if you need to grab something fast out.
- 10 Snacks To Satisfy Those Cravings - Some delicious recipes whether you crave salty or sweet treats!
- The Supplements Cheat Sheet - Ever wonder if a supplement would help you get better results faster? I break down the benefits, and downsides, of the common supplements out there!

Get Better Results Faster By Pairing A Killer Workout Routine With A Proper Diet!
Because the best results happen when your diet and workout routine WORK TOGETHER, your Macro Hacks program includes 4 amazing 6-week workout plans to pair with your diet plan, whether you have access to a gym or only the use of your own bodyweight!

Whether you want to burn fat or build muscle, and no matter your current fitness level, these plans have you covered.

- The Metabolic Muscle Builder
- The Baseline Builder 
- The Bodyweight Blast
- The Bodyweight Fresh Start 
If you don't have access to a gym, you can get killer results with my Bodyweight Blast or Bodyweight Fresh Start.

My Bodyweight Fresh Start is for those starting back to training. It is a great way to build a solid foundation and get back into a workout routine. Whether you're just beginning or have been out with injury, these moves will help you build up and improve your strength and conditioning!

My Bodyweight Blast is a great way to take your training to the next level using only bodyweight exercises. Build full-body strength and let the sweat fly with these killer metabolic routines!

If you enjoy lifting, and really want to focus on building lean muscle as you burn fat, you'll love my Metabolic Muscle Builder. This challenging routine will help you shed that stubborn fat as you gain strength and toned muscle!

And if you're just starting back to training, and really want to use weights, check out my Baseline Builder! This program will help you build a strong foundation to progress into the Metabolic Muscle Builder program.

All of these workout routines come in easy to follow e-books with a video exercise library to help you learn how to master the moves.

Worried you won't be have enough time? 

Each program tells you how to adjust the workouts based on YOUR SCHEDULE. Whether you can train 3 days a week or 6, there's a plan in each program to help!
Along with the workout guides are workout logs for each routine to help you track and record what you do. You want to make sure to track each workout to make sure you're progressing each week! 

These workout logs are easy to print and come with images of each move (for a quick reminder if you need!).

And as an added BONUS....

Ever feel like there are just those stubborn "trouble zones" that just NEVER seem to change no matter what you do?
Then you'll love my 10 Trouble Zones Burners

These quick workouts are great options for when you're short on time OR if you really want to target and tone those stubborn areas!

And if you need help at any time, you'll have 24/7 email support from me, Cori, as well as the support of the entire Redefining Strength online community.

Our amazing private Facebook group is filled with supportive people in all stages of their own fitness journeys. 

Whether you have a question, need help getting motivated or simply want to share your victories, the group is there for support whenever you need!
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